“There is nothing like opening that case the very 1st time, the aroma, the visual feast, it’s an experience I never tire of. What a guitar! Wow, unreal, haunting is the word for me, my normal pieces sound surreal, the tonal range seems much more diverse and broad, the creative juices woke up. Thank you Kevin, it inspires at a time when I need it. Your work is flawless as I expected, now I’ve got 3 killer Kopps.”

 – Mason


“I asked Kevin to build one exactly like the one he built for Leo Kottke… but just a little bit better. I think he did it! Without question it’s the finest acoustic instrument I’ve ever owned. The only thing that comes close is the baritone he built, and it’s actually tied for first place in my guitar world. When one guy (who happens to be a master luthier) cares about every square centimeter, it matters.”

– Duke Sharp


“I played the first big body prototype that Kevin made. The guitar didn’t have a name then, Kevin and I came up with “Trail Boss” along the way. So I put in an order for a custom Brazilian rosewood. The anticipation approached crescendo level by the time the guitar was completed, and it took just one strong E chord to validate my choice. I use my Trail Boss primarily to back up The Saddlebags, (old time cowboy and western swing) and contest fiddle players. I can’t tell you how many people, including some of the very best accompanists, have come up to me at jam sessions to ask what I am playing. The guitar is now much better known at the National Fiddle Contest than I am. The deep rich sound is truly outstanding, and it is especially impressive in the recording studio. The sound and playability of Kevin’s guitars are reason enough to make them a great value. The quality of his workmanship and his attention to detail make them an even better investment. Moreover, Kevin is great to work with, I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

– Jim | Bozeman, MT


“My Kopp Trail Boss is the first guitar I’ve ordered or purchased sight unseen. I bought it upon a strong endorsement from a friend, and believe me, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s now my favorite guitar. This beauty is the real McCoy; it has a big clean sound with a low end punch that will turn heads- in fact it almost roars. I enjoy handing it to my guitar buddies and just waiting for the grin that invariably turns up. Kevin’s guitars are beautifully made and a pleasure to play. I’d suggest ordering one before his backlog is 36 months.”

– Hank Alinger | Laurel, MD


“I’m far from a professional player, but have owned and played many fine hand made guitars. My Trail Boss is the biggest, baddest thing on the block. It’s kind of like the bully that kicks sand in the face of lesser creations. In fact, I’ve named mine “Sasquatch” as a fitting tribute. That said, this is one finely balanced instrument, with terrific workmanship and a wonderful vintage look and feel. And on top of it all, Kevin is a fine gentleman to deal with. You can’t go wrong here.”

– A happy owner in California


“Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying my new Trail Boss. I bought it not really knowing what to expect. I play strictly with my fingers and I own many fine smaller body guitars. I thought that this one would would be more of a flat picker, but the more I play this guitar, the more amazed I am. the volume and Balance are are perfect for finger style, and the guitar has a fullness I have never experienced before. This is the most unique guitar I have ever played and the price makes it a bargain like the Olson SJ’s were years ago. Thanks again for the fantastic instrument!”

– Mark | Scotsdale, AZ